flat suction set compact

Siphoning pump for private users in a handy flood box for floods or bursted pipes.

first aid in case of a severe weather and floodings

Especially for areas with an increased risk of floodings we set up our flat suction set in a very handy euro container with cover. All components - pump with rack, suction mat and the  3 x 3m spiral hose - can be stored quick and easily in the box.

In case of a water damage die to surface water or a burst pipe the system is set up fast. It sucks up slightly dirty water with a small grain size nearly completly.

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Nominal voltage 230 V
Discharge pressure 5 bar
Flow rate 60 l/min

Flat Suction Kit KOMPAKT with UNISTAR 2000-B

Discharge pressure 5 bar
Flow rate 60 l/min
Nominal voltage 230 V

Flat Suction Kit Kompakt with COMBISTAR 2000-B

Nominal voltage 230 V
Flow rate 90 l/min
Discharge pressure 5 bar

Flat Suction Kit Kompakt with UNISTAR 2000-C

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