Diesel pumps with AC and DC motors

Our vane pumps for conveying diesel and heating oil

ZUWA's diesel pumps are robust and duarable pumps for refuelung of construction machinery, trucks, agricultural machinery, motor boats and many other machines running on diesel or biodiesel.

They are also suitable for filling and draining heating oil tanks. The pumps also work secure and reliable under low temperatures. Conveying capacity: 40-100 l/min.

The vane pumps are offered with a nominal voltage of 12V, 24V, 230V or 400V.

Diesel fuel pumps DC powered

Panther 56/72, BI 100 und E 3000

  • Dieselpumpe mit Gleichstrom
    Dieselpumpe mit 12 V
  • BI pump with maximal flow rate 85 l/min and max 1,2 bar compression.
    BI pump
  • Pump Diesel E3000. ZUWA.
    Pump for Diesel E3000
  • BI 100
  • Panther DC 24/12
  • Carry Panther
    Carry Panther
  • Carry E 3000
Diesel fuel pumps AC powered
  • Panther 56/72
    Panther 56/72
  • E 80/120
    E 80/120
  • Panther 56/72
  • E80 E120
Air operated Diaphragm Diesel pumps with ATEX certification

MP and MA air-operated diaphragm pumps are designed to assure the utmost reliability and highest performance levels

MP 130, 140, 180 und 190

MA 190 Druckluft-Membran-Pumpe Atex
MP Air Operated Diaphragm Pump ATEX

MA 130, 140, 180 und 190

MA 190 Druckluft-Membran-Pumpe Atex
MA Air Operated Diaphragm Pump ATEX
AC Diesel Pumps

AC Diesel Pumps

electric vane pumps for 230V and 400V

DC Diesel Pumps

DC Diesel Pumps

Pumps with 12V or 24V motors for conveying, refilling or refueling Diesel