gear pumps work according to the displacement method

they contain of three parts

  • the pumps housing
  • two gearwheels, one of which is driven by the motor, while the other gearwheel is driven by the first one

gear pumps are very reliable and cost-effective pumps due to their simple and rugged construction

all the the benefits at a glance:

  • low shear effect
  • feasible high pressures
  • suitable for high viscosities
  • consistent flow of medium
  • very good suction capapbility in terms of self-priming suction

various applications:

  • fluids without particles with either low or high viscosity
  • lubricants
  • light and heavy oil (e.g.: emulsions, diesel, lubricating oil, thermal oil, hydraulic oil, vegetable oil)

parts coming in touch with the fluid:

In order to reach a high durability the housing and the cover are made from grey cast iron GG-25, the shaft the the gears are made from tempered stainless steel.



Die VISCOSTAR 2000 überzeugt durch ausgezeichnet Ansaugleistung und hohe Druckwerte.



gear pump VISCOMAT for oil, electrical drive with and without batteries


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