suitable accessories for NIROSTAR Impeller pump without motor 

Art. Nr. 70268

Front cover NIROSTAR

Art. Nr. 11014301
material.: A4 1.4571

Housing with thread nipple COMBISTAR and NIROSTAR - A

Art. Nr. 11012605
Material marking: A4 1.4571 Customs tariff number: 84139100 net weight: 0,9 kg

Impeller thermoplastic (no bi-directional use) polyamide bush

Art. Nr. 11012301
Temperature max. 60 °C

Rear cover NIROSTAR 2001-A Material: A4 1.4571

Art. Nr. 11014302N

Shaft short, 10 mm for Impeller pumps type "A"

Art. Nr. 11012005

Split ring I 26x1,2 stianless steel

Art. Nr. 70167

lock ring A 10 NIRO A2

Art. Nr. 70309

shaft key for motor shafts Dimensions: A3x3x16

Art. Nr. 70315
Dimensions: A3x3x16 material description 14571 DINAB: 6885