Suitable accessories for self priming Impeller pumps NIROSTAR with electrical engine


Art. Nr. 11012703

Art. Nr. 70318

Art. Nr. 80621

Art. Nr. 70268

Carrying handle for CEG-Motore

Art. Nr. 14000202

Control box for motor version condenser with seal f. CEG - Motor 230 V

Art. Nr. 80628

Control box with seal

Art. Nr. 80630
f. CEG-Motor 400 V u. EP-20-25-30-40 This article is suitable for ZUWA star models A-B 400 V NIROSTAR-C 230/400 V EP 20-25-30-40 230/400 V

Foot motor CEG

Art. Nr. FUSS00071

Front cover NIROSTAR

Art. Nr. 11014301
material.: A4 1.4571

Housing with thread nipple COMBISTAR and NIROSTAR - A

Art. Nr. 11012605
Material marking: A4 1.4571 Customs tariff number: 84139100 net weight: 0,9 kg

O-ring 56-2 EPDM for Impeller pumps

Art. Nr. 80151
Customs tariff number: 84139100 net weight: 0,020 kg

O-ring 56-2 Perbunan® (NBR) for impeller pumps

Art. Nr. 80003

O-ring 56-2 Viton® (FKM) for impeller pumps

Art. Nr. 80150

Split ring I 26x1,2 stianless steel

Art. Nr. 70167

Spring Dimensions: A3x3x16

Art. Nr. 70315
Dimensions: A3x3x16 material description 14571 DINAB: 6885

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