weed control with wick wipers

for hobby gardeners, professional gardeners and tree nurseries


Here you will find matching accessories like marker color for indication of the wiped plants or spare wipers.


please contact our team for more details

Marking Paint for ZUWA Wick Wands Content 50 ml

Art. Nr. 300300
Water soluble, VOC content 10,2 % Important: Label only available in German language!

Sealing Cap for Weed Wand 310 T - 330 T

Art. Nr. 60005
Material description ABS green

Sealing Cap for Wick Wand 350 T Internal thread 1 1/4" , Colour grey

Art. Nr. 80029
Material PVC with seal

Wick for Weed Wand 310 T

Art. Nr. 30031004

Wick for Weed Wand 315 T

Art. Nr. 30031504

Wick for Weed Wand 320 T

Art. Nr. 30032004

Wick for Weed Wand 330 T

Art. Nr. 30033004

Wick for Weed Wand 350 T (Set of two pcs.)

Art. Nr. 30035004

Wick for Wick Wiper Bar 2000 SB

Art. Nr. 30040102

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