watering unit F-120 - with 120 l container

Dry self priming impeller pump with a robust cart for parks or cemetaries. The pump is battery powered (battery is not included in the package) and thanks to that especially quiet. The unit is equipped with a ZUMATIC control which automatically switches the pump on when opening the watering pipe and off when closing it.

  • max. flow rate: 30 (optional 60) l/min
  • 12 or 24 Volt drive with at least 80 A/h

Also available with 200 and 300 l tank or prepared for mountaing on a trailer.
Optionally available with legislation on plant protection products verification.

please contact our team for more details
Watering Unit F 120

Watering Unit F 120

device for watering and fertilizing large areas with battery power supply (12/24 V)

Accessories Watering Unit

Accessories Watering Unit

perfect your watering unit with our accessories


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