wearable dispensing device for plant protection

10 or 20 l container

The backpack sprayer is easy to carry due to the wide and upholstred carry straps and the leather back cushion. A large, double-acting piston pump with an air vessel made from brass creates a consistent pressure while needing little force effort. The pump is, outside of the tank, easy to clean and therefore very easy to maintain. Spare parts guarantee!

  • backpack sprayer with large opening and fill level markings
  • 50 cm spray pipe with discharge valve
  • manometer
  • curved section and adjustable nozzle

10 liter, Art. Nr. 500001

20 liter, Art. Nr. 500004

Knapsack Sprayer ZUWA ZRK-10 with Accessories, 10 L

Art. Nr. 500001
Double piston pump with brass air reservoir Equipment/Accessories : Comfortable carrying with soft leather pads for shoulders and back Tank 10 ltr Wide Neck ,Material Plastic With filling marks Pressure Gauge 10 bar Spray Pipe 60 cm with shut-off valve, bow-shaped segment and adjustable cone Dimensions B 40 x H 46 x T 60 cm weight 5,7 kg