No more disturbing Volehills

The ZUWA vole fi ghter is a well tested, easy to handle and absolutely save device to remove voles in a short time.


Fully equipped:

  • 2-stroke Otto motor with fan
  • 2 probes and 1 gas injector
  • 6 meters hose and hose carrier
  • 5 liter fuel tank

Contrary to other methods the fumigation with ZUWA Vole Fighter does not expel the voles but eradicates them even in wide spread tunnel systems.

No environmental impact! The application of ZUWA Vole Fighter is absolutely safe for the operator. The procedure is environmentally compatible and does not contaminate the soil. It does not affect other wildlife nor pets or poultry.

Simple application, rapid result:

  1. insert the gas injector into a vole tunnel
  2. initiate exhaust emission for about 3-5 min

Using the ZUWA Vole Fighter is simple - the gas injector is inserted into a vole tunnel and exhaust emission is pumped into the tunnel system. Fanned, the gas spreads so rapidly, that there is no time for the vole to leave or block the tunnel. The dosed gas concentration is so high that an immediate death of the voles is guaranteed.

Please inform yourself about any restrictions of use by local authorities.

WÜMA - Vole Fighter Trolley with 2-stroke motor and blower

WÜMA - Vole Fighter
Art. Nr. 400001
2-stroke motor OLEOMAC Volume 85 dB (A) Nominal power 3,7 kW Cubic Capacity 72,4 cm³ rotation max. 6000 min-1 Fuel tank max. filling content 1,7 l Ventilation system performance 960 m³/h; 120 m/s Equipment/Accessories: 6 meters hose and hose carrier 2 probes plus gas injector 5 liter fuel tank Dimensions 670 x 480 x 1040 weight 27,5 kg Important: Please inform yourself about any usage restrictions of your local authorities!