cleaning and maintaining ponds, swimming pools and ponds

effectively remove algae, mud, plant residue and leaves

We fit our dry self priming impeller pump Nirostar 2000-D into our pond cleaning set. This pump is, like all our impeller pumps, very resistant to particles in the conveyed fluid. Without filling the hoses it can start sucking from a depth of 3m. The maximum suction depth is 7m.


The pond cleaning set is powered by a 230V electric motor which can convey up to 115l/min.


The impeller pump with a stainless steel case is mounted on a handy caddy with detachable handle. Also included is a stoneburier which is connected with a hose.


To clean ponds, especially swimming ponds, with gravel on the ground, we recommend to use our "gravel suction system" in combination with a telescopic rod. 

Floating Hose , 38 mm Lenght 9 m, blue , with plastic sleeves

Art. Nr. 13405244

Gravel Suction Funnel for telescopic bar art. 13405242

Art. Nr. 13405243

Pond Cleaning Set, consisting of: Pump, Stone Seperator, Pump Trolley

Pond Cleaning Set, consisting of:
Art. Nr. 161500
Impellerpump NIROSTAR 2000-D flow rate max. litres 115 l/min flow rate max. m³ 6,9 m³/h max. pressure 3,0 bar Inlet/outlet 1½" mt Impeller Perbunan® (NBR) , Mechanical seal Perbunan® (NBR) Material pump housing stainless steel 1.4301 Electric motor Voltage (AC) 230 V, Nominal frequency 50 Hz Nominal power 1,5 kW, Rated current (AC) 13 A rotation max. 900 min-1 Protection class IP55 , Switch L/R 2 m cable with plug Equipment/Accessories : - Stone Seperator for pump trolley, galvanized, incl. plastic caps 2" and 3" - Connecting hose stone seperator-pump, 1 1/2", lenght 85 cm - Hose clamps, 4 pcs. (2 pcs. per side) - Pump trolley art. 136101R, galvanized On option: - Brass caps with seal (art. 13405240 and 13405241) - Gravel suction funnel art. 13405243 - Suction hose 1 ½“ / discharge hose 1 ½“ , lenght 9 m, Art. 13405244 (2 pcs. are neccessary) including hose clamps art. 80374 (2 pcs. per connection) and hose fitting art. 131079 (1 pcs. per connection) - Telescopic bar, three part, 1,7 to 4,2 m, glass fiber reinforced, art 13405242.

Telescopic bar, three-part, 1,7 to 4,2 m glass fiber reinforced

Art. Nr. 13405242

Threaded Cap 2" with captive thread seal

Art. Nr. 13405240
Material: Brass

Threaded Cap 3" with captive thread seal

Art. Nr. 13405241
Material: Brass

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