Suction-Set ELEPHANT with flat suction mat with Impeller Pump UNISTAR 2001-B

Art. Nr. 1101511
Impellerpump without drive flow rate max. litres 60 l/min flow rate max. m³ 3,6 m³/h max. pressure 4 bar Inlet/outlet 1" mt Impeller Perbunan® (NBR) , Bush material Polyamid Shaft sealing ring Perbunan® (NBR) Material pump housing aluminum EN AW-6082/AC-43400 With adapter for depth stoph of drill Equipment/Accessories : - Transport box with lid, 528 x 310 x 320 mm - Flat suction mat 460 x 265 x 15 mm - 2 x 3 m hose ¾“ (NW 19) reinforced with fittings 1" for pump inlet and outlet - with additional stainless steel strainer (for alternative use instead of flat suction mat) Packing dimension 600x400x45 mm weight 7,6 kg

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