accessory flat suction

euro container

A handy container for the comfortable transport and storage of the pump and its accessoires.

dry-run protection

A sensor suspends the power supply when there is the threat of overheating. After resolving the error the system is restartet by pressing the reset button. Due to this dry-run protection the operation of the system is possible without monitoring.

remote control set

We offer a remote control for our flat suction sets with a operating diameter of 50 m.

Y-piece for 2 flat suction mats

Splitter with tap to connect a second flat suction mat.

flat suction mats

Fluids are completly sucked with the mat. On the bottom side of the mat channels improve the suction effect and therefore suck even very small amounts of fluid. The water is drained instantly without, in contrast to wet vacuum cleaners with a catch tank, a temporary storage in a container.

►  expandable

Depending on the size of the flooded area it is possible to connect several flat suction maps parallel to a pump.

Förderdruck Fördermenge Nennspannung

Dry run protection for COMBISTAR Types 2000-A and 2000-B

Art. Nr. 130120
max. fluid temperature 60°C ± 3°C

Dry run protection for UNISTAR / PROFISTAR Type 2000-C

Art. Nr. 130102
max. fluid temperature 60°C

Dry run protection for UNISTAR / PROFISTAR Types 2000-A and 2000-B

Art. Nr. 130100
max. fluid temperature 65°C

EURO container box with lid and hinge

Art. Nr. 2008550
Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 423 mm

Flat Suction Mat Standard G1 460 x 265 x15 mm , with GEKA connection

Art. Nr. FM02

Manifold to connect a 2nd Flat Suction Mat with stopcocks and 1,5 m hose 1"

Art. Nr. VT02
Including 2 pcs. hose clamps

Remote Control Set Types 2000-A and 2000-B

Art. Nr. 141005
Receiver 1-Chanel, 230V AC, 1 Changerr, 10A Sender: Up to 2/4 Chanels, 3V DC Free-field range: 50 meters

Wireless remote control UNISTAR 2000-C

Art. Nr. 141006

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