Hauswasserwerk für die Nutzung von Regenwasser

Model JET 100/E INOX - Full automatic pump for domestic water supply

with automatically pump stop when running out of water (BRIO). Pump is particularly suitable for toilet flushing and washing machines. Non rusting pump made of stainless steel.

  • pump housing and shaft: stainless steel
  • impeller: brass
  • rotary seal: carbon/ceramic
Förderdruck Fördermenge Nennspannung

Domestic Water Works JET GP 100/E INOX 1200, 230 V Electronical Pump Control FLUOMAC/BRIO

Domestic Water Works JET GP 100/E INOX 1200, 230 V
Art. Nr. 165010HWE
Kreiselpumpe flow rate max. litres 43 l/min flow rate max. m³ 2,58 m³/h max. pressure 5,8 bar Inlet/outlet 1" (NW 50) Impeller type brass, mechanical seal coal/ceramic Material pump housing stainless steel Electric motor Voltage (AC) 230 V, Nominal frequency 50 Hz Nominal power 1,2 kW, Rated current (AC) 5,5 A rotation max. 2800 min-1 Accessories Electronical Pump Control FLUOMAC/BRIO With dry run protection weight 10 kg
Flow rate 43 l/min
Nominal voltage 230 V
Discharge pressure 5,0 bar

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