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Filter bags for Solar filling stations Set consisting of:

Art. Nr. 132003
5 filter bags 70 µm 5 filter bags 40 µm optional accessory: special lid for use with large filter bags (p/no. 805531)

Flow Direction Reversal SMC UNISTAR

Art. Nr. 15122503
Consisting of: - Four-way ball valve with L-drilling to change the flow direction Material brass, shaft/bush PPS composite, O-ring EPDM - Return hose to canister - Max. fluid temperature 110° C weight 1,5 kg

Remote Control Set Types 2000-A and 2000-B

Art. Nr. 141005
Receiver 1-Chanel, 230V AC, 1 Changerr, 10A Sender: Up to 2/4 Chanels, 3V DC Free-field range: 50 meters

Remote control for pumps with extension cable for 230 Volt pumps with max. 6 A, 1,3 kW

Art. Nr. 80283
10 meter cable 1 side with adapter 1 Integrated ON/OFF switch in the housing for 230 Volt Pumps with max. 6 A, 1,3 kW

lid complete f. filter bag wide mouth tank 30 liter

Art. Nr. 805531
Material code: 2324