Managing Directors

Petra Wimmer
Helmut Wimmer Dipl.-Bw. (FH)

Technical Manager

Jürgen Huber
Qualitätsmanagement-Beauftragter (QM-B)

Jürgen is ZUWA product manager and takes care about product development as well as innovative ideas and quality management.

Sales Germany / Swiss

Michael Wende
+49 (0)8682 8934-15

Michael is one of our friendly service providers. His extensive knowledge of our products comes from his 10 years of experience with our company as a pump specialist.

Manfred Dirnberger
+49 (0)8682 8934-24

Manfed´s multiple years of experience with our company´s philosophy and our pumps has given him a stong foundation in providing you with the best service when choosing the right pump.

Johanna Reitinger
+49 (0)8682 8934-12

Johanna is the power-woman in our German-speaking service department. Her knowledge and patience always allows her to effectively take care of your pump needs.

Kurt Hemmert
+49 (0)8682 8934-27

Recognizing problems and solving them is my passion... Customer satisfaction is my goal.

Florian Niederreiter
+49 (0)8682 8934-35

Florian will always help you in choosing the right ZUWA product using his overarching knowledge.

Hans Bernauer
+49 (0)171 4987632

Hans is our outside service provider and the face of ZUWA´s at many trade shows in Germany and Austria.

Brigitte Dirnberger
+49 (0)8682 8934-30

Brigitte has been with ZUWA for many years and will be happy to help you with your inquiry.

Stefanie Mayer
+49 (0)8682 8934-18

Stefanie is our sales assistant, supporting the sales team in charge of the German speaking market.

Lena Wagner
+49 (0)8682 8934-48

Lena supports the sales department as an assistant. She is at your disposal regarding telephone and email enquiries.

Sales Austria

Simon Mangelberger 
Phone: +49 (0)8682 8934-26
Mobile: +43 (0)676 338 59 50

Simon is our accounting manager for Austrian clients, and is eager to help in finding the best pumping solution.

International Sales

Dan Bachrach
+49 (0)8682 8934-47

Dan has been active in international sales for many years.  As a native English speaker, he is well suited to meet the technical requirements of our international customers.

Juliane Reising
+49 (0)8682 8934-50

Juliane joined our international sales team shortly and looks forward to answering your enquiries.


Markus Deubzer
+49 (0)8682 8934-37

Markus is our specialist in marketing matters and is caring for general public appearance.

Michael Kraus
+49 (0)8682 8934-41

Michael is our Web-Developer and marketing specialist for Digital- & Print Media.

Order Processing

Maria Messner
+49 (0)8682 8934-13

Maria is responsible for order processing in the German-speaking countries. In spring 2018 she celebrated her 30th anniversary at ZUWA, she has always a helping hand for her colleagues.

Our trainees, from left to right:
Madeleine Lindner, Erik Schmid and Daniela Thanbichler

Antonia Stankovic
+49 (0)8682 8934-31

Antonia is in charge of all international shipping matters, customs, export documentation and negotiates with our forwarder. 

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