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weed wand || wick wiper


Spot application: low rates of herbicides - no contamination of the soil - economic

Function: When wiping the rope wick onto weeds a systemic, non-selective herbicide (e. g. Roundup®) is absorbed by the foliage of the treated plant, penetrates the root system and kills the weed.
Wiping against two or three leafs is sufficient for one plant. The wick's shape and configuration place the herbicide directly on the target weed without damaging adjacent vegetation.

This type of herbicide application is a very cost-effective procedure: A single fill treats up to 3000 plants.


ZUWA wick applicator 310

coverage 10 cm
filling amount 0.4 Liter

Dochtstab im Einsatz
Dochtstab 315

ZUWA wick applicator 315

coverage 15 cm
filling amount 0.6 Liter

LSV certificate

Dochtstab 320

ZUWA wick applicator 320

coverage 20 cm
filling amount 0.6 Liter

LSV certificate

Wick applicators for larger coverage on request.



ZUWA marker dye

marks the treated plants

replacement wicks

for wick applicator 310: Order No. 30031004

for wick applicator 315: Order No. 30031504

for wick applicator 320: Order No. 30032004

sealing cap

for wick applicators 310 to 320: Order No. 60005

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ZUWA Wick wiper

Wick wiper bar for tractor mounting. Self installation kit.

(Attachment to 3-point hitch of a tractor not included.)


Wick wiper Wick wiper

basic wiping unit:

  • boom with 6 rope wicks
  • coverage 1.4 m
  • tank 10 litre with ball valve
  • 1.5 m hose ½"
  • hose connection R ¾" x ½"
  • 2 hose clamps

extension unit:

  • boom with 6 rope wicks
  • coverage 1.3 m
  • 1,5 m hose ½"
  • Y-connector + four way cross
  • 2 Tee connectors
  • 5 hose clamps

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