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UNISTAR 2001 drill powered pump

drill pump drill pump
drill pump with adapter drill pump with bracket


This compact designed pump can be powered perfectly by electric drill or cordless screw driver.

Two mounting systems:

Drill bracket and mounting feet or adapter

New: Adapter for connecting the pumps to all standard cordless drills or screwdrivers.

Simple connection of the pump shaft to the chuck,
fixation via depth stop.
Assembly takes no longer than two minutes!

Article No. drill bracket: 11012310

Article No. drill adapter: 11012300


  • water, also contaminated water and sea water
  • diesel, biodiesel
  • oils: heating oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil, vegetable oil
  • herbicides, insecticides
  • detergents
  • antifreeze
  • heat transfer fluid
Technical specifications UNISTAR 2001-A UNISTAR 2001-B
Flow rate max. 30 litre/min. 60 litre/min
Suction head max. 7 m (dry up to 3m)
Pressure max. 4 bar
Housing aluminium (Al Mg Si 1)
Cover aluminium (Al Mg Si 1)
Shaft stainless steel (AISI 316 Ti)
Impeller * Perbunan (NBR)
Seal* Perbunan (NBR)
Temperature of pumped liquid up to max. 60°C
Connection inlet/outlet 3/4" external screw thread 1" external screw thread

Performance curve

Further drives:

V-belt pulley (foto)
Hydraulic motor
Electric motor with integrated frequency converter
Pneumatic drive


* Note: The standard version includes impeller and seals specified above.
Upon request and depending on application different seals and impellers (Neoprene, Viton™, EPDM™) are available.

Viton is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers

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