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ZUWA flexible impeller pumps are dry self-priming with a suction height of max. 3 meters. It is not necessary to fill the pumps before putting them into operation. Containers can be drained nearly completely. A short dry run (max. 30 sec.) does not affect the pump. Because of the flexible rubber impellers and the high quality housing, these pumps are also capable of handling fluids with solids. Fluids containing solids are pumped completely free of pulsation and are treated with care. Depending on pump type and model they transport up to 730 litre and build up a pressure up to 5 bar.

Performance Curves

Impeller Pump UNISTAR 2000 with drive

Impeller Pump UNISTAR 2001 without drive

multi-purpose pumps for handling clean or contaminated liquids without suspended solids

UNISTAR 2001 ideal for drill pump

Impeller Pump NIROSTAR 2000-A/B with drive
(up to 60 litre, directly flanged or with motor adapter)

Impeller Pump Pump NIROSTAR 2000-C/D/E/F with drive
(96 up to 730 litre, flanged)

Impeller Pump Pump NIROSTAR 2001 without drive

NIROSTAR is a high quality stainless steel pump with numerous applications in food technology, process plant engineering and industry.

Impeller Pump UNISTAR 2001 with pneumatic drive

powerful and handy pump for compressed air supply

Impeller Pump COMBISTAR 2000 with drive

Impeller Pump COMBISTAR 2001 without drive

pumps for all liquids containing suspended solids (slightly abrasive fluids)

Suction Kit

impeller pump, hose and suction mat for removing water and/or oil.
Applications: draining flooded basements or platform roofs, removal of pond sludge