Functions of a biogas plant:

  1. semi-liquid manure dump
  2. receiving area for renewable raw materials
  3. fermenter with biogas storage and desulfurization

  1. gas utilization with

    • A) CHP module
    • B) gas flare

  2. digestate storage tank
  3. output
for oil change and coolant

Plate-mounted unit with pump, nozzle and meter for tank suspension or wall fastening. The Servicecenter stationary is particularly suitable for changing motor oil in larger machines and plants, but can be used as well for various different fluids.

Simple Application

The pump is provided with two suction and two delivery lines. They connect the pump to the CHP motor, a waste oil tank and a tank with new motor oil. The arrangement of pump and lines keeps the same no matter if waste oil is drained or new oil is pumped into the motor. By means of the two multifunction cocks the four lines can be opened and close accordingly.

Additional cleaning effect

Unlike when draining the motor oil through the drain plug more sediments are separated in the motor when pumping the oil out. The higher flow speed produces a suction effect that removes deposits. The pump is capable of transporting solids without problems.

Servicecenter stationary

for water supply and pressure boost

Multistage, regular priming centrifugal pump
WELL C 80/150

for fuelling

Self Service FM
Self Service FM
Panther 56/72
Panther 56/72
Fuel Transfer Kit with or without meter available
E 56-F/Z

for antifreeze in the cooling circuit of the engine

Drill adapter for connecting the pumps to all standard cordless drills or screwdrivers. Simple connection of the pump shaft to the chuck, fixation via depth stop
Drill with adapter on the screwdriver

for condensate and silage soakage

Our Sewage Water Pumps are suitable for various applications. We have pumps to convey normal wastewater through to pumps with ATEX approval for use in hazardous areas.
for easy filling and flushing of the cooling circuit
Flush Pro 60/30
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solution components:

Vane, gear and impeller pumps for oils with almost all grades of viscosity.


Fuel transfer kits for oil.


Sturdy submersible pumps for contaminated water containing particles also with ATEX approval.


Top quality stainless steel pump with a wide variety of applications, especially corrosive liquids.


Compact and sturdy pumps for refueling of construction equipment, trucks, agricultural vehicles, motor boats, etc.


Complete, ready to mount systems to be fastened either to a wall or a tank.


Submersible pumps for lifting clear water from profounder wells, for pressure boosting and irrigation.


Self-priming. Simple and robust design. Main applications are service water, irrigation and pressure increase.


Filling station in a modern design with integrated tank data management system.


Filling and flushing unit for all kinds of heating installations with optional accessory for heat pumps.