The ZUWA vole fighter is a well tested, easy to handle and absolutely save device to remove voles in a short time

Vole infestation cause a number of damages:

  • bad feed quality
  • bad animal health
  • weakening of animals
  • high wear and tear of machinery = high costs

A vole is an attack on your profit!

Please ask your local authorities with regard to restrictions of use.

Damages caused by voles

Feed quality

By feeding with butyric contaminated silage the animal health may be affected. Because of the disgusting taste of the silage, feed consumption decrease and dirt remains longer in the digestive tract. The result is a metabolic disorder and problems of udder health, fertility and the claws may be occur.

Agricultural machinery

Abnormal wear and tear will be occur at harvesters and because of the high pollution of the feed additional efforts are needed.

Important information about voles

Fast and systematic action is needed

Good environmental conditions and high food availability boost a very rapid growth of population. Therefore an immediate reaction is required to avoid a vole plague

The best time period for vole fighting is in spring (before the first propagation) and in autumn (to avoid that they can survive in winter). Vole fighting is a permanent process. Please always take care about the affected areas to act immediately in case of new infestation. The result of none combating would be a fast reproduction and new damages.

There is a solution of fighting against voles. With the ZUWA Vole Fighter you get an effective tool to keep out voles from your areas in a simple way. Many satisfied users confirm this again and again. Please use this device and take confidence of our long experience

Fully equipped

  • 2-stroke Otto motor with fan
  • 2 probes plus gas injector
  • 6 meters hose and hose carrier
  • 5 liter fuel tank

Contrary to other methods the fumigation with ZUWA Vole Fighter does not expel the voles but eradicates them even in wide spread tunnel systems.

No environmental impact! The application of ZUWA Vole Fighter is absolutely safe for the operator. The procedure is environmentally compatible and does not contaminate the soil. It does not affect other wildlife nor pets or poultry.

Wüma longer axle

Simple application, rapid result

  1. insert the gas injector into a vole tunnel
  2. initiate exhaust emission for about 3-5 min

Using the ZUWA Vole Fighter is simple - the gas injector is inserted into a vole tunnel and exhaust emission is pumped into the tunnel system. Fanned, the gas spreads so rapidly, that there is no time for the vole to leave or block the tunnel. The dosed gas concentration is so high that an immediate death of the voles is guaranteed.

Technical details
Vole Fighter
Cylinder capacity 72,4 cm3
Power 3,7 kW (5 PS)
Ventilation system performance 960 m3/h; 120 m/s
Dimensions 67 x 48 x 104 cm
Weight ca. 27 kg
Art. No. 400001
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solution components:

Remove voles in a short time. Nonpolluting, simple, save!