Dry self universal pumps for various liquids.

ZUWA-Impeller pumps are easy and inexpensive to maintain. They are insensitive to solid content in the fluid due to the flexible impellers and can even promote high-viscosity fluids.

Advantages / Features of the impeller pump

A multi-purpose pump designed for transferring clean or contaminated liquids. Not suitable for handling abrasive or corrosive fluids.

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This pump is particularly suitable for all fluids containing abrasives. It is an economic alternative to the NIROSTAR series for transferring abrasive or slightly corrosive fluids.

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A high quality stainless steel pump with numerous applications in industrial plants and production facilities, the appropriate choice for transferring corrosive fluids.

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The synthetic impeller pump is for a wide variety of applications in the chemical sector. Perfect for fluids with various viscosities plus agressive acids, bases and solvents.

Impeller Pump ACOSTAR