Watering Sprayer F-120 - with 120-Litre-Tank

Irrigation sprayer with dry self-priming impeller pump and sturdy chassis for applications in parks/cemeteries. Noiseless battery driven pump (battery not included) with ZUMATIC pump control. The pump starts/stops automatically on opening or closing the spray pipe.

  • Flow rate max.: 30 (on option 60) l/min
  • Drive: battery 12 or 24 Volt with minimum 80 A/h

also available with 200 or 300 litre tank or designed for being mounted on a pick up truck or a van.

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Hose Reel automatic for Oil for max. 15 m hose ½" (without hose)

HOSEREEL GREASE without hose
Art. Nr. P601512
Working pressure max. 60 bar Inlet swivel conn. ½" mt, outlet ½" mt For oil with max. viscosity 200 cSt. Equipment/Accessories : - With 4 rolls hose guide - Hose stop - Spring-driven retractable hose - Hot galvanized steel structure powder coated Packing dimension 550 x 200 x 540 mm weight 14 kg

Manual watering kit with GEKA coupling

GEKA Gießgerät
Art. Nr. 550008
Sink head made of plastic, discharge pipe light alloy Coupling: GEKA plus rapid coupling, compatible with hoses from 3/8” up to 1 ½” Flow rate at 6 bar approximately 47 liters per minute Tube length 60 cm

Watering Sprayer F 120 , 24 V with ZUMATIC pump control

Watering Sprayer F-120
Art. Nr. 133006
Impellerpump Unistar 2000-A flow rate max. litres 30 l/min flow rate max. m³ 1,8 m³/h max. pressure 4 bar Inlet/outlet ¾" mt Impeller Perbunan® (NBR) , Bush material Polyamid Shaft sealing ring Perbunan® (NBR) Material pump housing aluminium AIMgSi1 Electric motor Voltage (DC) 24 V Nominal power 0,25 kW, Rated current (DC) 18 A rotation max. 3000 min-1 Motorshaft N-WE 14x30 Protection class IP54 Electrical connection Control board Equipment/Accessories : Container 120 L , Material polyethylene Sturdy chassis with swivel caster For battery drive (battery is not included), min. 80 A/h On option: Pump with flow rate 60 l/min. Battery 2 x 12 V, art.no. 85954 alternatively with motor 12 V available available also with container 200 l
Drive Elektromotor
Nominal voltage 24 V
Discharge pressure 4 bar
max. filling content 120 l
Flow rate 30 l/min

Watering Sprayer F 120, 12 V with ZUMATIC pump control

Giessgeraet 13304
Art. Nr. 133004
Impellerpump UNISTAR 2000-B flow rate max. litres 16 l/min flow rate max. m³ 0,96 m³/h max. pressure 1,5 bar Inlet/outlet 1" mt Impeller Perbunan® (NBR) , Bush material Polyamid Shaft sealing ring Perbunan® (NBR) Material pump housing aluminum EN AW-6082/AC-43400 Electric motor Power Tronic Voltage (DC) 12/24 V, Nominal power 0,35/0,45 kW Rated current (DC) starting current 17/20, operating current 12/15 A Protection class IP44 , Operating mode S1 Motorshaft S-WE 14x58,5 Cable / plug complete with cover and plug (without cable) Equipment/Accessories : - Two-piece chassis w. jockey wheel and removeable handle - Rotating reel base for hose reel (hose rheel on option) - 120-Litres Tank, polyethylene - with ZUMATIC pump control and surge tank 8 l - For Battery drive (battery not included) - Without discharge hose Dimensions ca. 140 x 68 x 83 cm Battery need to be re recharged aftter 1000 l latest. When used for continuous operation, motor need to be cooled down after 3 fillings. On option: - Hand casting unit Art. 550008 - Battery 12 V (80 A/h) Art. 85954 - Hose reel 1/2", art. P601512 (without hose) - Hose transparent 1/2" art. 30040
max. filling content 120 l
Flow rate 16 l/min
Nominal voltage 12/24 V
Drive Elektromotor
Discharge pressure 1,5 bar