Managing Directors

Petra Wimmer
Helmut Wimmer Dipl.-Bw. (FH)

Technical Manager

Jürgen Huber
Qualitätsmanagement-Beauftragter (QM-B)

Jürgen is ZUWA's product manager and takes care about product development as well as innovative ideas and quality management.

Sales Germany / Swiss

Michael Wende
+49 (0)8682 8934-15

Michael is one of our friendly service providers. His extensive knowledge of our products comes from his 10 years of experience with our company as a pump specialist.

Manfred Dirnberger
+49 (0)8682 8934-24

Manfed´s multiple years of experience with our company´s philosophy and our pumps has given him a stong foundation in providing you with the best service when choosing the right pump.

Johanna Reitinger
+49 (0)8682 8934-12

Johanna is the power-woman in our German-speaking service department. Her knowledge and patience always allows her to effectively take care of your pump needs.

Kurt Hemmert
+49 (0)8682 8934-27

Recognizing problems and solving them is my passion... Customer satisfaction is my goal.

Florian Niederreiter
+49 (0)8682 8934-35

Florian will always help you in choosing the right ZUWA product using his overarching knowledge.

Brigitte Dirnberger
+49 (0)8682 8934-30

Brigitte is our account assistant and helps manage and organize the entire sales department.

Hans Bernauer
+49 (0)171 4987632

Hans is our outside service provider and the face of ZUWA´s at many trade shows in Germany and Austria.

Stefanie Mayer
+49 (0)8682 8934-18

Stefanie is the new assistant, supporting the sales team in charge of the German speaking markets.

Sales Austria

Christian Helminger
Phone: +49 (0)8682 8934-26
Mobile: +43 (0)676 338 59 50



International Sales

Annemarie Knittler
+49 (0)8682 8934-19

Anne is the good looking part of the ZUWA export team. After her time as a team assistant she was promoted into sales management in 2014. She speaks German and English.

Ulrich Holzner
+49 (0)8682 8934-36

With about 30 years in international business Ulrich (Ulli) knows how to provide customers all over the world with optimum solutions. He speaks English, Spanish and - some German.

Gerhard Klier
+49 (0)8682 8934-47

Gerhard is working many years within the international sales business. Because of his residency abroad he likes different cultures and languages. A valuable starting point to meet the expectations of global clients.


Alexandra Ohmüller

+49 (0)8682 8934-37

Alexandra - the new creative brain at ZUWA is in charge for everything that needs to be visualized.

Order Process and warehouse management

Maria Messner

Maria works over 23 years at ZUWA and takes care about the complete order processing. Doesn't matter which challenge, Maria with all her knowledge always finds a solution for it.

Maria Warislohner

Maria is in charge of all international shipping matters, customs, export documentation and negotiates with our forwarder. She carries a diploma as an official Customs Coordinator.